Keep reading. You stiffened from your position by the stove, hand pausing for a moment in stirring the pasta before resuming its rhythm.

[BTS JUNGKOOK FF] - ᴄʀɪᴍɪɴᴀʟ ᴏʙsᴇssɪᴏɴ EP 01

You placed your spoon down on the counter, crossing your arms over your chest and turning to him with a suspicious look on your face. Jungkook rolled his eyes before closing the distance between you. He gently turned you around, drawing you against him so your back was pressed to his chest. He propped his chin gently on your shoulder, looping his arms around your waist. You swallowed, letting yourself lean back into his embrace.

Forgive me that it took me so long to give you this gift. I had some troubles in deciding which one to pay homage to when I ended up getting drown in your masterlist since you are a really talented writer. I hope this one will please you dearly as I have enjoyed reading Cam Boy! Jimin :. Disclaimer: References to the original content belong to Original author.

The following content and characterisation are copyrighted as followed. The web page seems to take forever to load and the wait is making you anxious. So you step away from your laptop and start to move around the room to distract yourself from it.

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You give another look at your bedroom window, making sure that it is locked and that the curtains are secured tightly to obscure you from outside. Not that your bedroom will be visible from anywhere, but one cannot always be too sure about it.

You Never Would Have Thought These 10 Idols Were Diagnosed With Such Serious Diseases

Then you walk to the door, making sure that it is also locked, so nobody could suddenly burst inside while you are in the middle of doing what you are about to do. By the time you return to your laptop, the landing page has opened, showing you the log in set-up to get through.

Warnings: Public sex, unprotected sex, oral sex fcum play, hardcore dirty talk, dom jk! Warnings: a goddamn foursome hell yeah, sub! Reader, dom!

jungkook asthma fanfic

Jimin, dom! Taehyung, dom! Jungkook, fingering, oral m. You are wearing lace tonight. The prettiest, most expensive piece of lace you have ever owned. Deep purple with a little diamond right between your breasts and on top of your panties, the stocking holders matched in colour, equally as beautiful as the rest of your outfit.

You topped it off with a soft silk rope. It hugged your body beautifully, bringing out your curves. You have purchased it just for tonight, planning on blowing your boyfriends minds with your outfit.

You quite simply eavesdropped on one of their conversations. It made you bite your lip just listening to them talk about you. How crazy it makes them when you walk around the apartment with nothing on than one of their shirts. How sexy they think you are when you cook for them naked safe for a little apron and panties to keep yourself safe.

That they know you are doing all these things just to rile them up.

jungkook asthma fanfic

And how right they were, you love riling them up, especially because it always ends up with you spread out on whatever surface you see put and with their dicks filling up your every hole. How many panties have they ruined when the only food they wanted to eat in the kitchen was your cunt.

How many noses were squished when shirts were ripped over your head far too quickly and eager hands explored every inch of your willing body.It was very late; at least by their normal bedtime standards. Their time-intense and physically draining schedule did not lend itself to unreasonably late nights very often, but they'd been gifted a rare day off tomorrow, and most of them had taken full advantage of the free evening and promised sleep in. They'd eaten and showered and everyone was warm and relaxed, most of them lolling around the living room quietly.

Namjoon and Yoongi had disappeared upstairs hours ago, excited for the chance to put the finishing touches on something they'd been working on for months in their limited free time.

For all Jin knew, they'd both gone to bed. Jungkook was sprawled out on the floor at the base of the staircase; Jin had expressed worry that the maknae might get trod on, but the youngest had insisted that the lighting was best there for his drawing and wouldn't be persuaded.

jungkook asthma fanfic

The chance of him actually being stood on was minimal, Jin admitted, but he was keeping an eye on the staircase regardless. After all, Namjoon and probability didn't always correlate perfectly.

You Never Would Have Thought These 10 Idols Were Diagnosed With Such Serious Diseases

Jimin was also decked out on the floor, although he was more sensibly located in the centre of the living room, in front of the blackened TV screen.

He'd been scrolling on his phone for the past hour, a small smile quirking his lips occasionally, so Jin was guessing that the brat had googled himself again. The couch opposite had J-Hope reclined across it lengthways, meticulously burritoed by a blanket Jin knew, he'd watched the ten-minute process three hours agohead propped up on a pillow, laptop balanced precariously on his chest as he watched whatever drama had him absorbed that month, sound channelled through his headphones.

Taehyung had nestled himself into the 'V' of Hobi's burrito legs, his face half buried between J-Hope's side and the back of the couch. The youngster has been restless all evening. He'd been playing a game earlier, but for the last hour or so, he had just been somewhere between asleep and half-asleep, draped over various members. As Jin watched, Tae moved yet again, for the fifth time in as many minutes- this time accidentally Jin thought?

J-hope whined as he wiggled to save the computer from toppling off the edge, again. Disgruntled, he dug at Taehyung with his feet until the younger was shoved off the couch To Hobi's credit, it was a somewhat gentle- ish shove.

Jin grinned and snagged Tae's wrist as he stumbled past before the brat could attempt to annoy Jungkook or Jimin. Again and pulled him towards the couch he'd claimed as his own. Tae went willingly, slumping sideways on the cushions beside him, half draping himself over Jin, his head hanging off the couch, one arm dangling to the carpet.

Within seconds Tae was moving again, turning slightly toward Jin and shaking his head, bending one leg up behind the other. Like he had been all night; but up-close Jin realised that it wasn't just his usual boundless energy. It was more like Taehyung was uncomfortable, or unsettled. The younger turned his head again, and in the beam of brighter light from the kitchen behind them, Jin thought he might be a little flushed.

A small frown forming between his eyes, Jin reached out, brushing his fingers through soft hair, resting for a second on Taehyung's forehead. Tae turned into the touch and sighed a little, his eyes still closed.

Smiling, Jin repeated the move; he didn't think the boy had a temperature, and he seemed to have settled again. A moment later and Taehyung moved again, agitated. It was accompanied by a small throat clearing cough, chased seconds later by a slightly more vigorous cough. Jin dropped his book again- "Tae?

You okay? Taehyung blinked up at him, "Ye-yeah? Just swallowed the wrong way maybe- my throat is tickly. I'm going to get a drink.What are you doing? Don't tell me you're still asleep. I couldn't deny it, I was sick. Like really sick, probably the flu or some horrible virus. But today was not the time for that, because we had to do the radio show.

And I couldn't let the fans down. And not to mention, the other members.

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I had to do it, even though I would probably die in the attempt. I looked at myself in the reflection of my phone. I couldn't let them know I was sick. They would not allow me to leave the house for an eternity. And then they would have to postpone the radio show I knew Manager-nim hated that. But God, I looked terrible. My head was pounding really badly and my body was aching all over.

I probably looked like someone who haven't slept in a hundred years. I heard Jin walk away from the door and I slowly rose from the bed and stumbled over to my closet to find some comfortable clothes to wear, which happened to be the biggest hoodie I could find and some sweatpants.

Yeah, I'm fine. Just really fucking tired and someone woke me up," I said and managed to make a fake yawn followed by a fake smile.

I quickly turned my face away from them. If they got the chance to look at me for a longer time they could guess I was lying. Want something? Thank you. Wait… where we are going. Yoongi ignored me and left the room.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on!

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Remember Me. Work Search: tip: words Jungkook's asthma has always existed in stability, but as debut comes closer and closer, Jungkook pushes himself too far. Namjoon shifted uncomfortably from foot to foot as he watched Jungkook and Mr. Jeon bring in his meager luggage into the dorm. He was the only one at the small dorm when the youngest of the members moved in, and he was trying to be a good host and make the family feel welcome. He wished Hoseok were there.

He loved meeting new people, and everyone liked him and his bubbly personality. So driven. An idol. Forcing them into operating rooms for plastic surgery, and everyone developing eating disorders from their managers starving them and calling it a diet. Children fainting on stage and being carried off while the others keep going like nothing happened. Namjoon patted her arm gently, awkwardly, and felt like an idiot.

We get to write and produce our own music. We have more of a say in what happens to us and our careers. So far as he could tell, the man ran his company differently, choosing to pour his efforts into a mere handful of groups rather than try to balance his attention between dozens upon dozens of groups.

He was very patient with us when we were going over the contract. Jeon looked at him sheepishly.Park Jimin is dating everyone and I am here to spread the word through gifs, pictures and fanfics Also hit me up on kakao at ji and we can fangirl together.

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Finally, after months of promotions and tours, they can finally take a break. They had about a week of free time, to do whatever they want. They got home after their last performance before their break, worn out and ready for bed. One by one they shower and go to bed. Jimin was the last to shower. He started to sneeze while he was washing up and then he started to feel a little light-headed.

He quickly finished his shower and dressed himself. As he started walking to his shared room everything started spinning and fading in and out. He was halfway to his room when everything went black. Jin woke up to a loud noise in the living room and was frightened. He thought someone broke in. He quietly walked over to his roommate, Yoongi, to wake him up and tell him about the noise.

Yoongi shot up in panic and narrowed his eyes at the bedroom door. Yoongi glared at him but got up and walked to the door with Jin tip-toeing behind him.

Once they were near the living room, Yoongi peaked around the corner to see into the living room.

jungkook asthma fanfic

He gasped at what he saw and ran into the living room. Jin quickly following behind him. They saw Jimin sprawled on the floor passed out. Jin ran to him and felt his forehead.

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He was surprised at how hot it felt. Jimin groaned as his eyes fluttered open, his head pounding. Everything is a little fuzzy. The last thing he remembers is walking to his room and everything going back.

He groaned again the pain in his head intensifying. Jimin hummed in content, falling in and out of consciousness. This continued for a while until Jungkook came in holding a bowl of porridge to give to Jimin for breakfast.

Here Jin made you some porridge, you need to eat.Idols work themselves tirelessly and sometimes the fatigue gets the better of them. This can lead to detrimental conditions or diseases… Here are some idols who suffered some serious conditions, and luckily pulled through. Anemia is defined by a lack of red blood cells which means that the body is not able to provide sufficient oxygen.

The most common symptoms of this include fatigue, weakness and shortness of breath. Lee Joon Lee Joon is bipolar. This means he has sudden mood swings. Surprisingly he suffers from cochlear disorder. The disorder effects the balance determining mechanism within the inner ear.

Yoochun JYJ Yoochun has been battling asthma ever since he was young. Meaning that he has trouble catching breath at times. Yoseob was in this situation when he was diagnosed with laryngitis, which is the inflammation of the larynx causing you to lose your voice completely temporarily. Thankfully he recovered this from the condition completely and we can hear the amazing voice of this talented artist again!

Lay EXO-M Lay suffers from hemophilia which is a genetic disorder that prevents blood from clotting easily. This occurs 1 in approximately 34, male births.

Tiffany must have been horrified when she felt like she was losing her singing skills. Zico Block B The adorable yet charismatic leader of Block B, Zico, had a very tough childhood due to a chronic condition. He had hernia in his early childhood and also had to go through heart surgery due to sever heart problems. But when she was a baby she was born with a rare condition called biliary atresia this condition takes place in 1 of 15, infants.

She however overcame this condition early in her infancy. Skip to content. Share This Post Facebook.

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Some netizens think Taehyun might be the next big rebel at Big Hit Entertainment. The members suggested dating a foreigner and Taeyeon said:. Only the most eagle-eyed fans have spotted these hidden homages.How are you all doing?

Lol I got jealous hehehe! Jump into my inbox and befriend me pls.

jungkook scenario

He was your everything. You really tried to ignore the empty feeling in your heart whenever you rejected his lovely affections! Your heart ached at the sound of his loud wails that were caused by your constant rejection to him and your horrific threats to leave him.

You hated yourself because you always hurt him. After all he did for you? You missed his presence. You missed his precious smile. You missed his addictive scent that eloped your mind fully. You try to get him out of your mind but nothings working. Are you really falling for your captor? You definitely are. Because the way your lips curled up into a big smile when he came back after a whole week.

Jungkook was missing you like crazy! Staying away from you was so fucking hard. His eyes were aching to see your pretty. Whenever he stared into them, he felt like his head was spinning. Like your eyes were intoxicating! It was like he was drunk. Your presence was his home. Staying away from you felt like torture.

It had been so fucking painful to not give in to his thoughts and come back to you and just feel you completely.